Greenergi (Pty) Ltd was formerly known as TMC Africa, which was established in 2013.

The company has built up an enviable reputation to provide solid technical expertise and knowledge specifically in the supply of dry cast resin transformers (CRT) to industry, utilities and commercial buildings throughout South Africa.

In particular we have gained much experience in the cooling requirements of CRTs which is applied in our assistance to consultants and end-users to configure the correct solution for their requirements.

Our products are imported from Europe and therefore uphold the highest European safety quality ratings and standards.
We work closely with our customers to ensure there is no compromise on the design and installation specifications.

Greenergi is a proudly Level 2 BBEEE rated company with  30% Black Woman ownership. 


Current worldwide distribution transformer purchasing trends are moving towards a cast resin design.

South Africa has embraced the technology of CRTs due to their many advantages.


Cast Resin Transformer Design

  • No oil is used as the insulation is provided by cast resin.
  • Cooling is via air convection.
  • Impervious to pollutants, moisture and dust.
  • High mechanical strength due to reinforced cast resin.
  • Long life span due to simplicity of the design of the transformer.
  • Significantly less transformer accessories required eg. Bucholz relay, oil level indicators, breathers, blow-off valves.
  • Manufactured in accordance with the IEC and SANS standard 60076-11
  • Flame proof so that significantly less fire suppression is required
  • The lack of oil means the CRT is safer to people and property
  • The CRT is environmentally friendly as there is no oil to leak or dispose of at the end of its life.
  • Virtually no maintenance required
Virtually Maintenance Free

  • Less maintenance staff requirements
  • Longer running time
  • No oil sampling required
Air Cooled Windings

  • No oil required for insulation or cooling
  • Oil theft is not an issue
  • Low environmental impact due to no oil being used
  • No flammable oil

We assist with the design and supply of quality cast resin transformers across all industries such as property, petroleum, renewables, manufacturing, mining, utilities etc.

We also supply VPI transformers if required.

Greenergi is proud to be appointed the sole distributor for cast resin and VPI transformers from Trafo Elettro srl,  Italy.


All transformers supplied by Greenergi are manufactured in acccordance with IEC and SANS standard 60076-11 for installation in the following environmental conditions.

Environmental Classes

Climatic Classes

Fire Behaviour Classes

No condensation occurs on the transformers and pollution is negligible. This is commonly achieved in a clean, dry indoor installation.

Occasional condensation can occur on the transformer (for example, when the transformer is de-energised). Limited pollution is possible.

Frequent condensation or heavy pollution or a combination of both.

The transformer is suitable for operation at an ambient temperature not below -5C but may be exposed during transport and storage to ambient temperatures down to -25C.

The transformer is suitable for operation, transport and storage at ambient temperatures down to -25C.

There is no special fire risk to consider. Except for the characteristics inherent in the design of the transformer, no special measures are taken to limit flammability. Nevertheless, the emission of toxic substances and opaque smoke shall be minimised.

Transformers subject to a fire hazard. Restricted flammability is required. The emission of toxic substances and opaque smoke shall be minimised.